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The Guidance Council has two awards that are available with both awards being presented at our annual conference. Additionally, the ATA has an Educational Trust Grant that will allow you to attend a specialist council conference.


Honorary Lifetime Membership

Honorary lifetime membership awards are made to persons who have contributed significantly to guidance and counselling activities in the province of Alberta.


$400 Educational Trust Conference Grants

Each year, the Trust awards a number of grants to help defray the costs associated with attending an ATA specialist conference. Eligible expenses include registration, accommodation, fuel, food, and (if applicable) the cost of a substitute teacher. Go to and click on For Members/Grants, Awards, Scholarships for application forms.


Murray Jampolsky Award

In honor of the late Murray Jamplosky who was a great supporter of guidance and counselling in Alberta, this award is made annually to an outstanding practicing school counsellor in the province.


Previous Murray Jampolsky Award Winners:

2016  Erin Luong

2015 Chantel Walker

2014 Sheree Rankin

2013 Kathie Coutts

2012 Karen Sveinson

2011 Bonnie Knoll

2010 Jill Meraw

2009 Joan Elliot

2008 Melinda McNie

2007 Shannon Smith

2006 Wendy Carson

2005 Brenda Murray

2004 Rosemary Secord

2003 Diane Hansen

2002 Cathy Crocket-Moore

2001 Robert Plowman

2000 Gerry Mowatt

1999 Dev Drysdale

1998 Holly Tibble

1997 Ernie Oginsky

1996 Donna Kniel

1995 Linda Mason

1994 Will Tebay

1993 Larry Tibble

1992 Terry McRae

1991 Patricia Allin

1990 Gail Fedun

1989 Jeanette Boyle

1988 Verna Brophy

1986 Weslyn Mather

1985 Alicen Hershman