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Want to know what us executive folk spend our spare time reading? Have a look here: Our Constitution and Handbook

The table officers are elected at the annual general meeting held at our Guidance Counselling Conference. If you are interested in becoming involved with the provincial executive, please contact Erin Luong.


President – Erin Luong                  

Past President – Vincent Mireau  

President Elect –  Representative not currently identified

Vice President -Koreen Trefanenko

Treasurer – Joanne McHugh         

2020 Conference Director/Liaison with HPEC - Kathy Kitagawa

2022 Conference Director - Representative not currently identified

Secretary – Laura Ragosin             

Counselletter Editor - Miranda MacKenzie

Journal Editor – Dr. Jeff Chang 

Associate Journal Editors- Vincent Mireau

Website Editor – Alyson King       

Communications- Mary Frances Fitzgerald

Calgary Regional President – Patti Quinn

South East President – Leah Steiner

Edmonton Regional President – Representative not currently identified 

Mid Central Regional President – Melissa Brennan

South West President – Cathy Kitagawa

Fort MacMurray - Natalie Doucette  

U of L Representative – Representative not currently identified

U of A Representative – Representative not currently identified

U of C Representative – Representative not currently identified

Athabasca University – Dr. Jeff Chang

PEC Liaison – Don Brookwell

Alberta Education Rep – Representative not currently identified

ATA Staff Advisor – Andrea Berg