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The Alberta Counselletter, the Guidance Council newsletter, contains information about council activities; school counselling programs, reports of regional meetings, and announcements of and reports on professional development opportunities. We want to hear from you! Tell us about guidance and counselling projects/initiatives at your school.  Everyone would like to read about your approaches to improving high school completion, dealing with bullying, improving your students’ academic and social/emotional adjustment and achievement


Past issues

Counselletter - June2016

Counselletter - February2016

Counselletter - November2015

Counselletter - February2014

To help you out here’s an outline:

What is your name, school and teaching/counselling assignment?
What is your project/initiative/practices?
What was the impetus for your project?
What did you hope to achieve?
What did you need to do to put the project in place?
Where did you get the time/funding for your project?
Who else in the school/community is involved?
What has been/is being accomplished by your project?
What is the future of your project?

We are also interested in publishing book, film or resource reviews, sample lessons or reports on professional development activities.

The newsletter is published 3 times per year - winter, spring, and fall - so please get your submission in soon to Miranda Mackenzie: