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Canadian School Counselling Week - February 1-5, 2021

A week to recognize the contributions of the School Counselling Profession to the personal, social, educational and career development, and the mental health and wellbeing, of all students in Canada.

The event: School Counsellors are invited to join in the celebration of the Canadian School Counselling Week, Feb. 1‐5, 2021. This special recognition week has been organized by the School Counsellors Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Canadian School Counselling Week is part of a North American focus on the school counselling profession.

The Goal: The goal of Canadian School Counselling Week is to increase the public’s awareness of the scope of programs and services that characterize the school counselling profession in Canada within the twenty‐first century and beyond. This special week will highlight the role school counsellors play in supporting student success. It will also build a sense of national identity within the School Counselling Profession.

Check out this website for more information and resources.

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