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Canadian School Counselling Review: Instructions for Authors

Please submit manuscripts to Since manuscripts are reviewed anonymously, please submit two electronic copies in Microsoft Word format: one with authorship information and one without (for simplicity, please save one file with the word "authors" in the title, and the other with "anonymous" in the title). Please remove identifying information from document “properties” from the anonymous copy before sending.

The title of the manuscript should appear on the first page of the identified copy of the manuscript. Also include on this page the name, credentials, institutional or school jurisdiction affiliation, and the email address of each author. In your covering email, please confirm that the manuscript is not under consideration by any other publication. Please identify one author as the corresponding author.

Manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract of 100-200 words. While referencing in the styles of Chicago and APA are preferred, any recognized reference format is accepted. As a general rule, please submit all papers with 12-point font and double-spacing. Please ensure completeness and accuracy of all references, including year, volume number, pages numbers, and digital object identifier (DOI) if available.

Quotations, figures, photographs, test items, and other materials that have been previously published may require the permission of the original publisher. For further clarification, consult the information at If necessary, obtain permission and attach it with the manuscript. It is the author’s responsibility to secure such permission, at the author’s expense, which must be provided to the editor; your manuscript will not be sent for review until permission has been received.

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