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Call for Papers

On January 24, 2015, the Executive of the Guidance Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association approved the renaming of Alberta Counsellor to the Canadian School Counselling Review (CSCR), and endorsed a new editorial policy, making CSCR a peer-reviewed journal. With a new editorial policy and a new editorial team, CSCR is now Canada’s sole peer-reviewed journal geared to the needs of school counsellors and other professionals involved in counselling services in schools. CSCR focuses on practice, research, professional issues, and policy in school counselling.

The Alberta Counsellor has served counsellors in Alberta – both ATA members and community counsellors – very well since 1972. We will ensure that the journal continues to be accountable to the Guidance Council of the ATA, and that it continues to provide a home for the writing of Alberta authors in general and ATA members in particular. The editorial direction will continue to be set by the Guidance Council Executive. We believe the peer-reviewed incarnation will provide an even better resource for Alberta teachers and school counsellors as it attracts submissions from across Canada and the world, and the new name will help cement a national profile. Our top priority is to provide school counsellors in Alberta and across Canada with a practical resource that enhances their practice.

Because we emphasize practicality, our definition of success is that the membership finds each issue a source of relevant ideas that you can apply in your schools. And the best source of ideas for other school counsellors is – other school counsellors! We want to encourage you to write up your innovative programs and interesting cases. We are adopting an inclusive editorial policy to encourage you to share your fantastic ideas with your colleagues. This means that if you have an idea you would like to discuss before you submit, please e-mail the editorial team and we will schedule a discussion with you about how you can turn your idea into a practical, publishable paper.

Our emphasis on practicality drives another key element of our editorial policy: Most manuscripts will be reviewed by at least one experienced school counsellor. We think this will help us balance the practice-oriented perspective with a solely academic one. If “experienced” applies to you – maybe you have moved onto administration or a central office role, but want to keep abreast of what’s happening in schools – we invite your contribution as a reviewer.

To view our editorial policy and mandate please refer to the Editorial Policy and Mandate. To submit your article, please refer to the Instructions for Authors document.

To discuss your idea for an article or a special themed issue, e-mail us at:

Jeff Chang, Ph.D., R.Psych, Editor

Vincent Mireau, Associate Editor

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