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Free Webinar: The Neuro Trauma Healing Process

June 22, 2017

The Neuro Trauma Healing Process

What if all your negative patterns, harmful beliefs and chronic conditions stemmed from past negative experiences and trauma that is trapped in your body as energy?

What if you could let that energy go in a safe and gentle way?

Who would you be?
What could your life become?

Find out in this Free Online Webinar

Join Dane Stevens, the developer of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process, a new modality that is garnering profound results with traum and chronic conditions. In this webinar you can learn how to bring past issues to full resolution, and therfore healing. NTHP is not a coping skill, a way to compensate, or a technique of 'overcoming'. It will go you the ability acess the very source of the issue so you can deal with and heal trauma and chronic conditions for good. 

If you have a negative pattern or chronic condition, I can assure you that you have something stuck, looping unprocessed in your central nervous system. The effects of trauma can result in any of the conditions stated below. The NTHP process will show you how you can now bring these conditions to resolution.
* Chronic conditions 
* Unwanted behaviours 
* Depression 
* Anxiety 
* Weight Issues 
* Eating Disorders 
* Addiction 
* Unhealthy Relationships 
* Insomnia 
* Fear 
* Low Self Worth 
* Financial Issues 
* Creative Stagnation

We all have them in varying degrees; negative patterns that creep into our lives that prevent us from realizing our full potential. The Neuro Trauma Healing Process is a person centered process that allows direct contact with the subconscious mind – our most powerful creative faculty, for the purpose of healing and re-aligning with our true nature. 

NTHP uses a proven process of left / right brained exercises and guided meditations that allow you to reach the root cause of the dysfunction, unfreeze the trauma in a safe and gentle way, and tap into your own innate wisdom to receive the direction specific for your own unique healing and development.

Heal Your Past: Your Gifts, Passions and Purpose Ignited, Your Ultimate Life Revealed!

Join the webinar and see how this safe and effective process can transform your life. See how you can take yourself from pain and confusion to living the life you know in your heart you are here to live...
by simply being who you truly are.

To take part in this webinar, all you will need is a pen and paper, an open mind and a willing heart!


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