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Additional Resources

Please note that additions to this section do not indicate Alberta Teachers' Association endorsement.

This section is created based on requests and suggestions from counsellors.

Please use your professional discretion when investigating resources for your practice.

Working with Diverse Populations


School Counselling


Curricular Information

These web pages to access help with Health, CALM and cross-curricular resources.

Bullying Prevention

  • Bullying Canada: BullyingCanada provides a safe environment and supportive resources for Canadian youth affected by bullying, empowering them with the guidance and support they need to navigate difficult situations and achieve a positive outcome successfully.

  • Bullying Prevention Tips: Published by the American Psychological Association. Preventing and stopping bullying involves creating a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically, without fear. APA recommends that teachers, parents, and students take the following actions to address bullying.


Parent Websites​

  • Family Education Network is a commercial site where parents find practical guidance, grade-specific information about their children’s school experience, strategies to get involved with their children’s learning, free email newsletters, and fun and entertaining family activities.

  • Parenting Resources and Support: Created by the Government of Canada

Career Supports

Counselling/Psychology and Related Organizations


Other Support Services

  • Protect a Child:  Are you curious to know what happens when you call to report abuse? Learn about protecting a child from abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation and what to say when you report a concern. 

  • Venture Academy: Residential treatment program for troubled teens

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