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Murray Jampolsky Award

In honour of the late Murray Jamplosky, who was a great supporter of guidance and counselling in Alberta, this award is made annually to an outstanding practising school counsellor in the province.

​Nominees must be:
- regular members of the ATA Council of School Counsellors.
- a practising school counsellor at the time the award is presented.

Nominees must meet most of the following criteria:
(a) Nominees should be involved in ongoing professional development.
(b) Nominees should have initiated innovative project(s) and/or program(s) in school guidance and counselling.
(c) Nominees should demonstrate competence in school counselling.
(d) Nominees should be involved with the school community in promoting guidance and counselling services.

Nomination Procedure

  1. The following individuals may nominate candidates for this award: counsellors, teachers, administrators, students and parents.

  2. Each nominee must be supported by three nomination letters.

  3. Nomination form and supporting documentation shall be submitted by one of the nominators. Submissions must be received by March 1 each year.

  4. An award need not be made each year.


The presentation will be made at the annual Council of School Counsellors' conference. 


The successful candidate will receive:
(a) coverage of conference registration,
(b) a plaque (representative of the trophy, which will be maintained at Barnett House by the ATA staff advisor).

Once received, nominations shall remain active for a period of three years.

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